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The exhibition centers around the concept of hybridization which in natural science refers to the process of combining different varieties of organisms to create a hybrid. Cuenca Rasmussen unfolds different aspects of hybridization through photography, sculpture, paining, video works and performance.

In the exhibition Hybridization Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen shows how crossovers between identity, culture, ethnicity, family, community and gender constantly appear and become one. According to science, crossovers, or hybrids, can on the one hand create variation and become resistant towards outside threats, but on the other hand create irregularities and abnormalities. Cuenca Rasmussen handles this paradox within hybridization with humor and a deep understanding of the history of cultural heritage. In the work series called “Dragon Dolls”, for example, Cuenca Rasmussen highlights how national identity over time has become hybrids in our modern society combining tradition with the globalized world. The Danish-Filipino artist uses her own cross-cultural identity as driving force in her works and thereby becoming a hybrid that transform itself and shapeshifts between different characters.

For the exhibition Cuenca Rasmussen has created a series of monochrome paintings where the artist uses her own body as medium. By dipping her body in ink derived from squids and transferring the ink on silk the artist becomes one with the animal and thereby turning into a hybrid herself. The animation of the squid becomes an animation of how society expects humans to be flexible and constantly adapt to our surroundings – like an octopus. The works appear both abstract and minimalistic but also complex in their multitude of layers.


  • Charlotte Fogh Gallery's Exhibitions 26
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