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Noun, neuter.

Broken through, dug out or in other way occurred opening in or through something all the way through so as to form a passage or just in shape of a dent.

Erik Hed is a collector. His collection consists of accumulated images and objects transformed into new visual expressions consisting of charcoal, pigments and casein on canvas or prefabricated textile. Hed zooms continually in and outon visual phenomenon, a sort of accumulation of impressions retrieved from digital images, texts, industrial objects etc. The decoding is not always easy. Do you look from the outside and in or vice versa? Often, the expression is a type of psychedelic mixture between the primitive and advanced.

The exhibition Hål is Erik Hed’s first solo exhibition in the gallery’s second room and consists of a series of recently finished paintings. In the spring the artist participated at the exhibition The Temptation of Saint Anthony curated by Ferdinand Ahm Krag. In 2020 the artist is to depart from The Royal Danish Academy of Arts, Copenhagen.


  • Galleri Tom Christoffersen's Exhibitions 33

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