Frieze New York 2020
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Frieze New York 2020

All the artists, directly represented by the gallery and belonging to different generations, exhibit mainly recent works conceived for the fair. Baruzzi paints drawings and draws paintings to reveal the origin of images. He investigates the possibilities of representation, between figurative imagery and abstract synthesis. He presents a new cycle of works. The drawings on canvas initially made with watercolor pencils are then treated with wet rags, which erase the signs and transform the drawing into a painting. Blank presents large size works from Radical Writings series (1983-1995) and an important work from Trascrizioni (1973-1979). We remind her current traveling exhibition started at Cultugerst in Lisbon that will move to: Mamco, Geneva; CAPC, Bordeaux; CCA and Bauhaus Foundation,Tel Aviv; ICA Milano, Milano; Museo Villa Dei Cedri, Bellinzona; Bombas Gens Centre d'Art, Valencia. Cioni exhibits her recent “paintings” made in flannel, wool on canvas. In Cioni’s work, color bursts forth and strikes us: it is a body-color that incarnate in a form, becomes volume, surface or threshold and fills up the space. Hernández presents a recent work: a colorful standing piece in papier maché where we can identify recurrent elements in his work. Victor Fotso Nyie presents his glazed clay sculptures: an own personal review of the traditional African masks. Lupas' artistic practice has been always inspired by theme as tradition and identity too. Lupas is represented by two porcelain works: Portrait, 1985 and a piece belonging to Insigna of Power series.

Frieze New York 2020

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