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ISORROPIA HOMEGALLERY presents FOUR2ONE, a project with Sonia Agosti, Milena Sgambato, Tina Sgrò, Samantha Torrisi and Vittorio Iavazzo, housed in the spaces of BIANCHI ZARDIN, contemporary art gallery born from the meeting between Gaia Bianchi (London advisor) and Andrea Zardin (artistic director of the Carte Scoperte gallery).

The all-female exhibition revolves around the painting as an object, which investigates phenomenal reality, giving it back with subjects and solitary landscapes, abstractions of matter or formal suggestions, in which the sculptural element of the only male artist stands between them as a visual interference.

Isolated and suspended figures, without identity, are the protagonists in the works of Milena Sgambato. Apparently distant and indifferent to external glances, they are a pretext for the artist with whom to analyze the effects of those revelations on the public, far from the representation of reality. If the subjects of the first are not recognizable, the landscapes of Samantha Torrisi acquire the same connotation of opacity. Fragments and withdrawals of frames wrapped in a nebulous dimension, dreams or apparitions in which the human figure is almost absent which stand out as restless presences. An absence noted also in the works of Tina Sgro. Images of domestic interiors to which man subtracts, intuited only through the details and an inventory of objects that describe the environments. The gesture loaded with brushstrokes transforms his paintings into rooms of memory in which to rediscover the intimacy and history of those who lived them. The gesture becomes mellow for Sonia Agosti who abstracts the representation with mixtures of color and pictorial matter. It leaves traces on the canvas, forming agglomerates of pigments that generate shapeless and stratified universes, perceived as an explosion of pure energy that defines its space. If female painting affirms itself with different formalisms that find a homogeneity in some common aspects, Vittorio Iavazzo intervenes to break this balance with small sculptural objects. Elaborated and shaped with a traditional technique like papier-mâché, the men of the artist contract and reveal, in that fold the material to take shape and life in "Life" (title of the works), through trials and errors, emotional passages of the material and reasoned conformations in the same.


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