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"Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you have never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground." Judith Thurman, Writer

Travel to Naples with René Burri and Werner Bischof. To Rio with Thomas Hoepker. To Japan with Paul Cupido. To California with Philipp Keel. To New York with Willy Spiller. To the Mediterranean with Albarrán Cabrera and Max Kellenberger. To Los Angeles with Simone Kappeler. To Iceland with Jeffrey Conley. To Turkey with Douglas Mandry. To Greece with René Groebli and Sandro Diener. To Morocco with Robert Bösch.

We have all known the delights of travelling in spirit, and pictures are often the catalyst. They spark flights of fancy, evoke memories and may even instill the longing to venture beyond the known.

Ahead lies a summer that many of us will spend in the city or in Switzerland for reasons all too familiar. This has inspired the Bildhalle to stay open all summer, so that you might join us on a boundless visual journey. Vast horizons, salty sea spray, flying ships, an olive orchard in the wind, the moon in the window of an airplane, crowded and lonely beaches, the skyline of New York – all these await you. Robert Rauschenberg once admitted the fear that he might “run out of world”. Selected works by the Bildhalle’s artists provide eloquent proof that the world is infinitely bountiful.


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