Whilst structural conveniences begin to collapse and the remnants of enlightenment ideas are nullified, Estragon extends a welcome to estrangement from the peripheries of an imagined, contingent space.

Here a circle closes, precipitating surrogate teleologies. Resuming the central premise of Interkontinental (Belmacz, 16.04 – 18.06.16), Estragon visualises methods of mediated and mutating coexistences. New histories of abstraction transport the object through radically altering fields of distinguishability.

Through speculative orchestration, we will construct a governing frame-work for community socialisation, object-to-object meaning disclosure and carnal interactions, displaced from cultural and mythical origins.

Horizontal extremities converge today: poles on the left and right shift, demagnetise. The contention of synchronicity and dissonance is no longer relevant; the impulses of isolation, bewilderment and arbitrary abrasion traverse beyond the vanishing point.


  • Belmacz Gallery's Exhibitions 15
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