Espacios Emergentes
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Espacios Emergentes

After his last exhibitions in Madrid “Aquí Huidizo” at A lcala 31 (2010) and his most recent “Espacio Emergente” at the Museo Lazaro Galdiano (2019), and after a decade in which he had worked outside of Spain on projects in the United States, China, Brazil and Australia, Isidro Blasco presents in the gallery PONCE+ROBLES three big pieces made of wood and photographs.

Centered in the visual iconography of New York City, where he’s lived since 1996, he presents various constructed pieces which are being shown in a gallery, maintaining a clear relationship with the origin the architecture from where the pieces originated. They are incompleted and fragmented constructions of the pieces with a clear reference to the transitionary nature of our perception while walking through the city.

Isidro Blasco combines architecture, photography, and installation to explore physical and psychological terrains. Digital images and raw building materials are used to create large- and small-scale architectural environments and three-dimensional reconstructions of neighborhoods, producing snapshots of cityscapes that challenge perceptions. Beginning with a viewpoint of a building, or an interior or exterior space, Blasco takes photographs and pieces together images into “photographic sculptures” that are reminiscent of Cubist collages with multi-faceted angles and planes. Blasco’s slight distortions of perspective produce revised scenes that can appear both recognizable and unfamiliar.

Espacios Emergentes

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