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After this period of unprecedented confinement, we felt the need to reopen the gallery with a collective exhibition, featuring all our artists, which demonstrates the gallery’s solidarity for its artists, and the artist’s solidarity among themselves, and which allows access to the public to be maintained for each of them. We thought of this exhibition not only as an Ensemble of artists, but also as a set of works of art whose rapprochement and dialogue create new meaning and emotions, in a gallery as in a collection, whether public or private. The first chapter, Ailleurs, brings together works that open up new horizons, gardens, seas, mountains, waves, whether they are dreamed of or inspired by reality.

The second chapter, En soi, is based on works that testify of the interior life of artists, their life at home or in their inner soul.

The third chapter, Au delà, focuses on abstract works. Here we see works of art as a door to an intangible reality, to the world of the soul.


  • Galerie La Forest Divonne | Paris & Brussels's Exhibitions 17
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