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“ENDING”: a corpus of paintings begun by Paolo Consorti in 2018 that summarizes his path of visual experimentation.

The canvases condense different processes into a sort of contemporary alchemy, which translates a mental vision into distinct and interpenetrating layers. In the deepest layer, distant visual memories of a known and intimately familiar nature attribute to the works a synthesis based on a universal depth. The surface, on the other hand, is enveloping and unstable, a concrete and tangible natural dynamism translated into an abstraction with geological seeming outlines.

The contrast between the two registers is clear but is recomposed in the beauty of a painting that aspires to a contemporary classicism. In the project entitled “Ending” and presented at the Gagliardi e Domke gallery in Turin, painting tells its own story and highlights the tormented relationship between man and nature, almost staging a melee. Different times and different levels of awareness. An inner and mental time that is almost immobile and not human, and a dynamic and overwhelming time. A dialectic that opens up to the search for an increasingly precarious and unstable balance, an aesthetic that prefigures the drama and that combines the charm of the catastrophe with the traces of a utopian memory.

Solutions do not seem to appear except in a temporary beauty or in the awareness of being beyond.


  • Gagliardi e Domke Contemporary's Exhibitions 4

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