Double Vision

Double Vision

DOUBLE VISION, curated by Jane Holzer. DOUBLE VISION features a collection of artworks by world-renowned and established artists exhibited as juxtapositions to one another in a display of doubles, or paired works.

Considered, ‘the girl who reigned 1964’ by Tom Wolf when she was just 24 years old, Jane Holzer — known synonymously as Andy Warhol’s muse “Baby Jane” — even today sits between the aesthetic of pop art and camp. First discovered by British photographer David Bailey in 1963, Holzer propelled into the spotlight, eventually becoming the personification of Warhol’s artistic ethos. Her penchant for art can be described as “visceral” and “whimsical,” drawn to seriality, camp, gauchely kitsch, playfully and starkly stimulating works that fit within her day-to-day. Having the privelidge of being with Andy Warhol at the factory, she learned the use of seeing everything in doubles, whether it was in his movies or in his canvases, which were often duplicated.

Carrying this mindset forward, the works featured in DOUBLE VISION represent a roster of artists who coexist alongside the life of Jane Holzer, whether in the physical, emotional, or aesthetic sense. Depicted here are artists that Jane has supported and appreciated — artists who resonate and reflect their own tastes. This includes her new discoveries, Julie Hamisky and Michael Salerno, as well as the likes of Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Nate Lowman, Richard Prince, Tom Wesselmann, Paola Pivi, Sol LeWitt, Cady Noland, Anish Kapoor, George Condo, Ed Ruscha, John Chamberlain, Yayoi Kusama, as well as artists of the gallery which Jane has selected, including Firooz Zahedi, Nick Moss, Rachel Lee Hovnanian, Johan Creten, Nancy Lorenz, and Ran Hwang.

Indicative of Holzer’s own curatorial method, the artists above will be shown in the intimate setting of Leila Heller’s new space, further emphasizing the unique relationship she has with art — as a compelling force in her world, and a dynamic presence she desires to remain entrenched in.

Double Vision

  • Leila Heller Gallery | New York's Exhibitions 7
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