Det Underste Land
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Det Underste Land

At his solo exhibition in Format Artspace, Mathias Malling Mortensen creates a personal space that explores what inspiration is and how the subconscious collections of fragments and ideas help shape the final work.

When the artist group Linien back in the 1930s was formed with blah. the artists Sonja Ferlov Mancoba and Richard Mortensen as precursors were one of the premise to be guided and inspired, in line with the surrealistic wave that had spread throughout Europe, of the subconscious and accidental. A summer at Bornholm, Ferlov Mancoba and Mortensen did just that - with inspiration from the poem "the bottom lπPand" by Gustav Munch-Petersen, who also stayed on the holiday island and was part of the group, the artists explored sources, objects and phenomena that could inspire new works.

Well over 90 years later, Mathias Malling Mortensen (Richard Mortensen's grandson) has found his own inspiration in the history of the Line, and has examined his own artistic practice based on the same idea: to look at what elements have consciously and unconsciously generated his own works . This is where the exhibition "the lowest country" came out, which is presented in Format Artspace.

Malling Mortensen has worked on how it is spatially possible to delve deeper into the inspiration layer by layer. He has therefore created a structure in the gallery space that exposes both personal spaces where personal objects and elements from the artist's own heaps accumulate, as well as a procedural space with sketches and unfinished works, notebooks and ideas on paper. Outside of the construction, a series of new paper clips, watercolors on canvas and other finished works will be on display. The viewer is thus given the opportunity to delve into the process and thoughts behind the final works and will be able to study elements and experience other parts remotely by looking into the structure through various openings.

With "det underste land", Mathias Malling Mortensen gives a very special and generous insight into her own practice, as well as how the artistic creation process can look.

Det Underste Land

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