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Crosshatched as a title refers to hatched road markings used to separate traffic for safety reasons. It indicates areas in public space that drivers are not allowed to enter or stop except in case of an emergency, and then only one at a time. Visually, a crosshatched area resembles a deletion, a striking out of space, making it a kind of non-space. But crosshatchings also make another space emerge, similar to how they are often used in graphics to outline or convey depth in a figure.

A crosshatched space is thus conceivable as a model embodying a specific kind of topology, in which a network of paths and junctions are momentarily connected. It is a provisional environment of stability and activity. In this sense it is also a model of an exhibition space, provided this is defined not as a container space, but instead as a becoming-space emerging between and out of the objects placed in it.

The exhibition consists of spatial collages, digital and analog video works and process-based sculpture, drawing lines between each other and mapping a field based on the work's own agency. Abasic question in the works revolves around what is happening outside or before the intervention of subjects, when systems are allowed to simply run their course. What kind of enunciations and types of space can be created outside of the man-madeuniverse? And how do they shift our own conceptions of who we are?


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