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Over the last year Wellm has experimented with the combination of photographic images and weaving to develop and refine a new working method. These experiments have added a unique tactility and painterly sensibility to her works, which are presented for the first time in her second solo exhibition for the gallery. Susanne Wellm is deeply intrigued by the cinematic universe of old German silent movies from the 1920s and 1930s, and formally she is inspired by the German author W.G. Sebald's narrative style, where he merges fictive actions, people, time and place with real events. Stills and screen shots from these silent movies are the ground image for her work. The cropped motives are then worked on both digitally and analog, resulting in many-layered images. The cotton or nylon threads on the loom and in the finished works can be interpreted as tracks or scratches which are found on original 35mm film. Wellm meticulously cuts the photographs into fine strips after which they are numbered as she proceeds to weave the original cropped still into a new woven version. One can say that Wellm uses the heritage and craftsmanship of traditional weaving to abstract the original narrative.


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