Coffee Shop – Wine Bar

Coffee Shop – Wine Bar

I was sitting in a bar and I remembered what Sebastian Black once wrote to me:

“In my neighbourhood there is a coffee shop that turns into a wine bar at night. I went there one afternoon to relax and browse through some anarchist pamphlets that had been handed to me at a march that I had inadvertently joined while trying to cross the street to buy a pack of cigarettes. I sat down with my latte and absentmindedly leafed through the photocopied pages. My thoughts wandered back and forth in time for a while. I thought about websites where I could find easy pasta recipes and about a bully I knew once in summer camp. Eventually the sun went down, and my thoughts reassembled themselves in the present. I looked down into my cup, and my coffee had turned into wine.”

Coffee Shop – Wine Bar is an exhibition by Sebastian Black, Santiago de Paoli, Kitty Kraus, Elena Tejada-Herrera, Sergio Prego and Ariel Schlesinger which engages with states of matter, bodily contortions and figure/ground entanglements.

Manuela Moscoso is the curator of the Liverpool Biennial 2020 and the former Senior Curator at Museo Tamayo in Mexico City. Ariel Schlesinger is an artist working in the space between eccentric invention and post-conceptual production.

Coffee Shop – Wine Bar

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