I have been circling for a thousand years – an exhibition by the artist Arijana Kajfes where she shows older and newer works that all have a common denominator in the sign of the circle and the rotation, which recurs as invocations in her work. She constructs a kind of spatial mind map to tie together the traces that lead to the latest works, models of circular house bodies that can stand for a multifaceted relationship with the body, being and the constant transformation of an evasive

language of the ineffable.

S.P.G has previously shown Kajfes work on several occasions and marveled at its underlying meanings and preferences. Human existence. S.P.G has, among other things, shown her miniature sand dunes that move like in desert storms, but here inside a transparent tent.

Prison drawings by Bentham reminiscent of the surveillance of people’s lives, an the same time beautiful as snow stars. The common thing is the processes of life, maybe not the simple, the ordinary. Yet something that concerns and exists in all of us, which continues in an eternal circle of change without end. Last shown at the Royal Art Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm 2018 with Blood is not Water.


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