Celestial Trajectories (meteorites and souls)

Celestial Trajectories (meteorites and souls)

“Oh Brother: Where art thou?”

The Odyssey, Homer

“He was well aware that according to theoretical models of stellar evolution, the core collapse at the end of a massive star’s life should result in a copious burst of neutrinos, which flee the detonation site deep inside the Star with little impediment.”

Ray Jayawardhana

“Antares is a red supergiant star that is nearing the end of its life. Once there is no more fuel left to burn, the star will collapse and explode into a supernova…”

Paul Butterworth and Mike Avida for Nasa

In the floods of late January 2018, a full blood moon eclipsed by the shadow of the earth.

“… They are so old, so new, we are not to them

we look at them or don’t from within the milky gauze

of our tilted gazing

but they don’t look back and we cannot hurt them…”

Adrienne Rich

“The nitrogen in our DNA,

The calcium in our teeth,

The iron in our blood,

The carbon in our apple pies was made of collapsing stars.

We are made of star stuff.”

Carl Sagan

Off the Golden Gate bridge on June 21 2019, day of the Summer Solstice

Same day in 1876, Willem Hendrik Keesom was born. He invented a means of freezing liquid helium.

“The Saviksue are three meteorites that penetrated the earth atmosphere landing on the ice pack of Greenland. The Inuit called them: Dog, Woman and Tent. “

Paul Kos

On March 11, 2009, during the full moon the comet Lulin was moving away from the Earth and thus contending with moonlight, passing from Leo into Cancer.

“The Very Small Array is based on the Very Large Array, a field of 27 giant radio telescope dishes in the New Mexico desert. They are 82 feet in diameter! These dishes are arranged to listen for sounds in outer space. (ie; looking for signs of other life!)”

Mari Andrews

At the end of August 1997, Will Rogan secured a video camera to a helium balloon and launched it over Lake Van Norden.”

In 2005 he culled from an incident in Alabama which occurred 50 years ago when a woman, Ann Hodges was hit by a meteorite.

“I am the great silent space between worlds.”


- Isabelle Sorrell

Celestial Trajectories (meteorites and souls)

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