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ISORROPIA HOMEGALLERY presents CANVAS with Ignazio Schifano and Marco Stefanucci, two different artists invited to a dialogue around the pictorial material.

The -canvas, as a material, is just a pretext that offers a meeting point with which to construct, through different languages, perspectives on painting with a selection of works in which the shapes blend together and the gloomy effects alternate with flashes of light and vivid colors.

For Marco Stefanucci the research of expressiveness is the formal one. The figurativism modulated by veils of calm colors, which never completely affirm the figure but leave it suspended in a condition of being unfinished, which is the result of a wise use of the technique. Above all, the choice of the portrait is repeated with an obsessive seriality in a continuous evocation of a cultivated nineteenth-century painting. His works exude history in which color seems to be settled and stratified, to the point of rendering the images unfinished.

In contrast, Ignazio Schifano, whose research for expressiveness is filtered through the inner investigation of his characters. Bodies and architectures are trapped in the brushstrokes and thicken on the surface, creating a swirling micro-world of shapeless presences that populate his paintings. Metaphors of a universal chaos that frees itself from the boundaries of real appearance and the typical features of representation. Symbolic and introspective, he explores human landscapes, often autobiographical evocations that refer to his homeland. A narrative abstraction is the result of the use of signs and techniques, each time different, which render appearances in which the color is rich, dense and mellow.


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