Break-up and Reconstruction

Break-up and Reconstruction

In our time, the characteristics of art are manifested in the following aspects: broken appearances, messy colors, scattered composition, disintegrated shape and broken images. Since the birth of modern art, every part of art has been broken down, including colors, light, paint, shapes, lines, spaces, painting surfaces and layouts. Modern art has always emphasized “break-up”, but it does not mean lack of rules. It attempts to establish a new rule. In other words, break-up is another form of reconstruction.

Fu Wenjun has shaped his Digital Pictorial Photography with various decompositions and reconstructions. By doing so, the artist analyzes, enlarges, and separates some aspects that people have easily overlooked in the past, and provides them with rich and complex experience. Our eyes are not at rest, but in the process of constantly changing focus. Thus, various contradictory forces occur, including tensions between the center and the edge, gravity versus upward force, and so on. The artist tests our ability to capture information through different contrasts.

In “Misplacement” series Fu Wenjun brings the aesthetic nature of ink art into photography, presenting abstract images with philosophical thinking towards our changing world in this critical moment.

“Serve the People”, a group of large-scale sculptures created in 2012, features the itinerant porters, known as “bang-bang”, who have served the city, but are disappearing with the acceleration of urbanization, the use of modern transportation and equipment. The artist intends to rethink the history of this “bang-bang army” through break-up and reconstruction to some extent.

Break-up and Reconstruction

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