Booth B5 : LatchKey Gallery
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Booth B5 : LatchKey Gallery

LatchKey Gallery is proud to participate in the inaugural UNTITLED, ART Online, a virtual reality art fair created in partnership with Artland. Our virtual booth will highlight projects by artists Rudy Shepherd, Michael Kondel, Dana Robinson, and Emanuel Torres.

Since 2007, Rudy Shepherd has made water color paintings to humanize people in the news. His Portrait series ( a selection of which are currently on view at The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art ) spans over 400 works include luminaries, visionaries, terrorists, spiritualists, victims, and their perpetrators. For UNTITLED, ART Online, LKG focuses on the works of the last four years underlining an American timeline that highlights the emotional connection to Time Perception and the phenomenological disruption we are collectively experiencing. Shepherd use of watercolor as his primary medium emphasizes the impermanence of time and our current communal vortex.

Scattered among the sea of faces are the artist’s Holly Mountain Series. A selection of mountains from around the world beheld as sacred to various cultures, faiths and traditions. These paintings act as nourishment and healing for their creator, the individuals portrayed and the viewer.

The paintings of Michael Kondel venture beyond the limits of visual representation, pushing and pulling the image to abstraction while maintaining a sense of familiarity. Kondel began his artistic career as a print maker, remnants of which are still evident in his work. Through reduction, flatness and spatial play, Kondel’s paintings create an interplay of complex energies. 

 Born in the eighties and raised on a farm, Kondel reconstructs motifs that speak of that culture and contribute to the autobiographical lineage of his works. The duality that is conveyed in his work stem from his interest in the accelerated advancements in technology and how it collides with his blue-collar world. His paintings derive from his very own Source Code; compilations of wood fragments mimicking algorithms or assembly codes.

Dana Robinson is a multidisciplinary artist who combines, reproduces and deconstructs, vintage materials, found objects, and paint to address the topics of youth, black female identity, ownership and nostalgia.

For UNTITLED, ART Online, LKG focusses on Robinson’s Ebony Reprinted Series. A body of work that blurs abstraction with figuration to “liberate the black women from their intended function and original form within the advertisements... By doing this I make a space to consider the thoughts and feelings of the women in the advertisements, their capacity for transformation and restrict the impulse of the viewer to consume these women with the products they sell.”

Puerto Rican artist, Emanuel Torres creates abstract compositions where color is the main expression. Awarded the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant in 2018, music and poetry are a constant source of inspiration in Torres’ work. As a result, rhythm constantly emanates from each composition, accompanying the viewers while they immerse themselves in the activity of deciphering these colorful shapes.

On view for UNITITED, ART Online, Torres new body of work explores elements from Taino, Maya, Aztec and Phoenicians cultures enhancing symbols of fertility and sexuality.
 His paintings are a reminder” that there is still much to explore in the world of brushes and pigments…Painters need spectators to be co-creators of paintings who dare to discover new worlds in the magical and two-dimensional window of the canvas.”

Booth B5 : LatchKey Gallery

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