Body of Mother

Body of Mother

Becoming a mother reorganizes all former priorities instinctively pushing them at least one step back. Responsibility for tuition, education, but firstly for feeding, nurturing, providing safe successful development turns to be Mother ‘s duty No 1.

Before becoming Mothers, they had lives of their own. As a Mothers, they keep on living it, trying to express themselves, looking for happiness in chosen professional path, they drift following straight or winding road towards direction chosen from early days, at school, at extracurricular activities, or University times, since than consciously or intuitively they have had their own other No 1.

This clash of two main goals, two No 1 implies unavoidable redistribution of priorities.

Author of an exhibition, Vaida Tamoševičiūtė became a new mother in 2017 and since then she has been in a transformative period not only as human being – formerly free and independent young artist, now became responsible for preparation for life of the other – yet helpless beloved small human. At the same time, it impacted her creative life – opportunities and themes. While trying to sustain creative practices (daily work, participation at projects and residencies, which are important for artist as a source of raw spiritual material – being at new places and recognizing new cultures, people brings strong (and necessary) creative impulses. To help her organize herself Vaida found a mentorship program with professional artist Lenka Clayton, who has dedicated has dedicated part of her creative research to motherhood unfriendly environments (in physical or unfavorable staff) at art institutions, art residency programs. With the help of a tutor help she tried to avoid break in her creative practice, to clarify possible actions, tools and ways of continuing.

Vaida ‘s performances always signified personification of inner sensitivity in action – inner tension, perhaps ache, stress, anxiety experienced because of things happening around – survival, at created reality of performance. Her art pieces could be read with apprehended symbolic meanings (like redemption, pray, sacrifice), with help of which is visualized absorption. Into here and now.

For contemporary artist Vaida Tamoševičiūtė one of main creative fields is performance art for some time now. She graduated Vilnius Art Academy Kaunas Faculty Painting Department (2006 BC, 2008 MA), lecturer of performance art since 2014. At 2012 event which shacked sleepy local art scene was launched together with Daina Pupkevičiūtė with a support of Meno Parkas Gallery - performance festival CREATurE Live ART. Artist worked at Kaunas National Drama Theatre as a decorator (2007-2015), probably this experience influenced symbolic carefully chosen and planned scenery, staging for her performances.

Body of Mother

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