Between the human and the sublime
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Between the human and the sublime

«Giving a superior sense to the low, to the ordinary a mysterious aspect, to the known the dignity of the unknown, to the finite the appearance of the infinite»


Become romantic.

Create a link between the human and the sublime, formulate an artistic artistic orientation as an alternative to the reality of nature, a human truth.

Adopting a naturalistic pantheistic vision and conceiving nature as the only true reality, to reach the last stages of the sublime as defined by Schopenhauer, the most complete feeling of the sublime. The immensity of the extension or duration of the universe (pleasure for the observer's knowledge of his own insignificance and of his unity with nature).

The sublime is nowhere and can be in everyone, it is emptiness and fullness, heaven and hell, the great and the least, it breaks with space and time, and with the principle of reality because it is within us.

Emptiness, darkness, loneliness and silence are sublime emotions.

Between the human and the sublime

  • Sala Parés's Exhibitions 16

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