Berlin Baustelle
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Berlin Baustelle

/ This exhibition is a collaboration work between De Cacaofabriek and LAGE EGAL /

Starting October 18th, the art exhibition Berlin Baustelle will present 14 leading international artists in the exhibition space of De Cacaofabriek. The Dutch Berlin-based artist Bram Braam has curated this exhibition. Braam’s inspiration for the various artists comes from his own private network, due to the artistic kinship he shares with them. The binding element is Berlin. Ever since ‘die Wende’ in 1989, Berlin has had an enormous appeal to artists. The availability of cheap ateliers and a penchant for experimental art are circumstances that have made Berlin blossom into the ideal breeding ground for artistic creation. The title ‘Berlin Baustelle’ references the constant transformation of the city but also refers to the ateliers and workshops. The artists in this exhibition are inspired by the surroundings in which they live and work: a melting pot of artistic views and cross-pollination. The monumental exhibition space of De Cacaofabriek forms a fitting ambiance for the selected works. The exhibition consists of sculptural installations, paintings, photography, figurative and abstract work. With work from selected artists: DAG Berlin, Bram Braam, Isabelle Borges, Jeroen Cremers, Wolfgang Flad, Wolfgang Ganter, Pierre Granoux, Rijnder Kamerbeek, Karsten Konrad, Alanna Lawley, Sandra Meisel, Miriam Temme, Rutger de Vries, Sinta Werner. Curator: Bram Braam. The exhibition has come about in cooperation with Lage Egal, a laboratory in Berlin that approaches the conventional mechanisms of art presentation and mediation in a playful manner.

Berlin Baustelle

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