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BEAUTIFUL WRECK, a duo show with Norwegian artist Are Blytt and German artist Dirk Stewen. This is not only the first occasion the artists have had to exhibit together, but also the first time they are each showing in Brussels. Both using photographic, text-based, and abstract materials, Blytt and Stewen are keen observers of the world around them, presenting their findings to the viewer without judgement, preferring to create an opening to the world outside of the gallery. These two artists bring our attention to certain aspects of humanity, such as desires, flaws or quirks. Working primarily with paper, in the case of Dirk Stewen, or with painted canvas, in the case of Are Blytt, neither artist limits himself to traditional methods, addressing their support with a mixed media approach which creates delicate and poetic relationships and tensions between the various elements.


  • MLF | Marie-Laure Fleisch, Brussels's Exhibitions 15
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