Beam me up*

Beam me up*

Beam me up* ____________________________________________________________

Hundreds of ceilings flew out that one window peeled the mud off their shoes and kept it in a jar underneath many of those jars were kept Some of them kept strife

They stomped around in the swamp with bare roots crawled around their feet and flutes Picked moss to twist around their wrists It was sand and volcanoes were built in the sand some of them filled with egg clutches and some of the clutches were filled with

All of the ceilings were gone or they flew beneath the clouds it was Mud all over they kept peeling it off with The trees around them were all too short It was their favourite time but not this time And ruins

Corn rained and popped on top of the ceilings The corn popped in a rhythm didn’t stop and eggs popped They covered their ears All of their ears They stomped around in the swamp and they had brought rocks from somewhere else and they dropped them in the swamp

Beam me up*

  • NoPlace's Exhibitions 14

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