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Artis Bona

In these complex, new and uncertain times, we are, more than ever, proud to open the collective exhibition ARTIS BONA (Good Art) in which we show artworks from different disciplines made by artists with whom we regularly work and others whose works we believe are worthy to be seen in this exhibition.

The common point that we wanted to highlight in this exhibition is somewhat classic and hence its Latin name. Classic in the sense of the technical and artistic excellence in the execution of the works and also in the fact that these works are highly representative of the formal artistic language of each of the artists that make up this collective show.

And as I said at the beginning, in times of uncertainty, I think it consoles us to see works that show us something solid, well executed, representative of each artist and that we can admire, understand and value for ourselves.

The artists are: Michael Bevilacqua (Painting), Eelco Brand (Photography), José Cobo (Sculpture), D * Face (Painting), Ben Eine (Painting), Emilio García (Sculpture), Amadeo Gabino (Sculpture), José Hernández (Painting), Lantomo (Drawing), Robert Mapplethorpe (Photography), Gerard Mas (Sculpture), Ali Mashhadiolasl (Painting), Kiko Miyares (Sculpture), Wilhelm Mundt (Sculpture), Okuda (Painting), Aitor Ortiz (Photography ), Santiago Picatoste (Painting), Jaume Plensa, Efraïm Rodriguez (Sculpture), Juan Rivas (Painting), Samuel Salcedo (Sculpture), Ramon Surinyac (Drawing), Willi Siber (Sculpture), Richard Stipl (Sculpture), Nick Veasey ( Photography).

Artis Bona

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