ARTic Creatures

ARTic Creatures

Thevisual imagery that Katherine Taylor (KT) utilizes in her recent sculpturestems from a long evolution of methods, materials and subjects that haveprecedents in her earlier work in sculpture and drawings. A prolific artist,she has for almost two decades consistently remained true to an artistic visionthat is firmly rooted in the fissure between the natural world and the world ofthe imagination. She attaches great importance to theprocess of art-making and to the way this process and the logic of her materialitself dictates the outcome of her artistic endeavors. The tactility shemanages to convey is deeply moving and encourages us to deepen ourconsciousness of perception.

This show is inspired byKT's 2018 residency with the Arctic Circle Program in the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard,which brings together international artists, scientists, architects, andeducators to learn and collaborate in the field; her time with Project Puffin,a volunteer effort of the National Audubon Society to restore nesting groundsto the puffins of Maine; and her examination of specimens at the AmericanMuseum of Natural History.

KT’s sculpturesparks critical engagement with the public due to her ability to createengaging work that celebrates the intricacies and beauty of the natural world.To the artist, art must engage individuals in a very deep and personal way, andin ways that may not be shared by every member of the society, art also canforge common bonds among various groups and since the creative process isalways a collaboration of some kind or another, it strives to create somethingthat matters not only to oneself, but to others as well. Her work emphasizes profound engagement of theobject with the viewer in time.

KT is an artist who divides her time betweenTexas, the Adirondack Mountains, and northern Spain, where her foundry, AlfaArte, is located. KT's sculptures start in the outdoors and draw on themateriality of the landscape. She travels up mountains, across water, and intothe woods to collect molds of natural textures. She then returns to her studioto piece together the textures she has collected in order to create herzoomorphic creatures. Her work is symbolic of how we interact with nature,fostering an appreciation and respect for its beauty and the wonder itprovokes.

ARTic Creatures

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