Art Matters

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Art Matters


We invite you to submit 1 image of 1 of your artworks as an introduction to your vision and practice to be considered for our upcoming online only group exhibition: “Art Matters” will be exclusively presented on our Instagram feed and website from 19-29 April 2020. Deadline: Sunday 5 April

For this online only exhibition, we will select 10 artists out of which 1 will be chosen to present her/his work in one of our upcoming shows in our gallery space in Cologne in late 2020.

Please submit 1 image of 1 of your artworks (you must own copyrights), your CV and a short statement to [email protected]

To apply and get noticed you must be over 18 and not have shown with Galerie Biesenbach before. Plus: Your submitted work has to be available for sale.

If you need further information, please DM us or write an email.

Stay home, stay safe and: stay online!

Art Matters

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Looking for available works from this exhibition? Let us help you!

No artworks for sale are added to this exhibition. If you are interested in seeing available works we
will get in touch with the gallery and get back to you with the available works.