Art Basel 2020


Art Basel 2020

The theme of this online exhibition is "The Boundaries of the Breathing". Breathing is one of the few acts that humans can perform both unconsciously and consciously, and it involves a gas exchange with the other while sustaining the life of the subject. This dangerous and unstoppable action is given an unprecedented tension in the present for its paradoxical utility, becoming a metaphor for the common destiny of humanity in the context of globalization, stirring our established boundaries.

During the exhibition, you will be able to see online Xu Zhen's installation "Mountain- Laocoon", which combines ancient Greek sculpture and Chinese rockery; David Diao's "Switching Station", which was created during his transition period in the 1980s and reconstructs Suprematism and Constructivism; and Yang Fudong's "Dawn Breaking", which uses Nietzsche's quotations as a photographic script, etc., experiencing the cross-cultural breathing of Chinese artists who transcend national boundaries in their creations.

At the same time, you will also see the latest work of Ding Yi's "Appearance of Crosses" series, which combines the forms of woodcut and painting; Zhao Yang's paintings in oils and acrylics with an uncontrollable sense of nature; and Liang Shaoji's oriental philosophical installations using silk as a medium, feeling the natural breath of art and life.

The exhibited works encompass a vast range of mediums, including photography, installation, painting among others. Confronting with the reality full of uncertainties and the multiple challenges from life sciences, ecology and geopolitics, the artists engage in a dialogue with the context of their times, and exploring the differences and gaps between fate and imagination, cognition and reality.

Art Basel 2020

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