You are dust Only dust If you are dust Be this dust poetry

In one of his recent concrete poems from 2012 Augusto de Campos expressed precisely what became today the theme of ‘APLOMB- Hugo França meets Tom Fecht’, an exhibition at the Gallery Bolsa de Art: Recognize the human smallness facing nature’s magnitude and its phenomena, and from this recognition, extract poetry.

This posture is visible in the work of both artists. Both transmit, through any of the pieces that make up the exhibition, the certainty of a previous and even exhaustive work of observation. This allows them to capture images and reveal forms that only now seem to have been always there, available, waiting to be rescued.

Although using different media, it is this positioning in an upright and allert, firm and almost irreducible equilibrium in front of the object, that connects the works of both artists - and gives birth to the very name of this exhibition.

Hugo sees in the wood what no one else sees. What it needed to show - and he shows us. Tom's lenses detect images often invisible to the naked eye. Such instinctive certainty allows to capture the unique magic moment among infinite possibilities that had to be recorded.

The artist is present in each work, although paradoxically, at times, in the absence of intervention. A privilege at times for creatives who embrace modesty and secure total control of their craft, finding full awareness of their role.

In the set of works presented by Hugo França, his well-known sculptural furniture is detached from their function giving way to an essentially artistic narrative. The installation FLOATING presents pieces from two collections maintained by the artist since the beginning of his production: canoes and oars. The traditional tools of the indigenous cultures that he observed so much, now initiate the wave movement that once moved them. In the series of circular sculptures ARAM, which in Tupi-Guarani means "the primordial time of Nature", the verticality of millenary trees is deconstructed into slices, fallen and charred. What was alive once, burns and transforms into another part of it. The concept recalls the necessity to continuously understand beauty in the passage of time, as much as our time shapes and consumes us in the end.

In Tom Fecht's work, the natural phenomena hidden in time are recurrent themes. The horizon, the tides, the effects of gravity... Not even the intangible escapes his perception, every detail is recorded, nothing remains at random. Being rooted in serious research permits him to construct his own cameras, but doesn’t prevent him from favoring serendipity’s lucky findings.

From the series "Dark Matters", minimalist in concept and generous in dimensions (and where his affection for Quantum Physics becomes explicit), Tom presents a selection of his recent ECLIPSE, that consecrated his work, in an elegant account where he penetrates the night while allowing himself to be penetrated by its infinite darkness. With ELECTRIC CINEMA, a true compliment in black and white to the perfection of the universe, he explores a photographic territory older and greater than us. On the opposite scale, TIDES is composed of fifteen small - but striking – marine miniatures of the turbulent surface of the sea, captured entre chien et loup, a short instant in the twilight zone, when the first blue rays of daylight intersect with the remaining reflections of the full moon. Finally, exploring the displacement of the gravitational center of the human body, BASICS leaves us with a poignant warning to preserve our threatened equilibrium.

After three years of exchanges and dialogues marked by linguistic differences and poetic connections, Hugo França and Tom Fecht, together for the first time in an exhibition, show us, each in his own way, how a man with a plumb sails through art.


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