All Movements Have Memories

All Movements Have Memories

In a world such as this, dance becomes almost an act of resistance. Its basic premise is a space, bodies, and motion. An extension in time and space. This is the basis for our new exhibition, curated by Sandra Weil.

Daniel Silver invades our main gallery with colossal sculptures whose overwhelming monumentality will leave nobody unmoved.

Recent sculptures by Sheila Hicks, Celestial bodies, are circuits of tinted yarn telling the story of the eternal movement of the universe.

Jockum Nordström and Marcel Dzama, two artists who have become legends in their own time, bring us works from their unique seriesThe Donkey Prefers Garbage to Gold, which they created by sending cut-out figures to one another by mail. Strange, silent, and subtle, captured in space, in mid-movement.

Noa Eshkol’s textile works bring to mind universal values. This Israeli choreographer found an unbounded language for the emotional expressions of dance, and translated them into ingenious artworks that display an originality which is only now being rediscovered by the art world.

Ohad Meromi, returns to us with his utopian, zestful paintings to remind us all of the moments in history when there was hope and creativity in the air.

Gadi Dagon, the only photographer that world-renowned choreographer Ohad Naharin accepted as a true artist in his own right. He documented many of Naharin’s performances, in this case, the 2017 masterpiece Hora.

All Movements Have Memories

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