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All Dressed Up With Nowhere

In 1994, I founded New American Paintings magazine as way to connect artists and those with a potential interest in their work. In those pre-internet days, it offered wide-spread exposure to hundreds of artists who had few options for reaching a wider public. Over the years, the publication has grown and we now count thousands of working artists as New American Paintings alumni. Many of them have gone on the receive international acclaim: Nina Akunyili Crosby, Eddie Martinez, Robin Francesca Williams and Amy Sherald, among them.

Over the past two months, we have been using the publication's various resources to do everything we can to help support struggling artists and the galleries and other organizations that support their efforts. A month ago, we began reaching out to New American Paintings alumni with the idea of organizing a virtual exhibition of their work that would help support arts relief. The interest in being included in All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go was overwhelming. So much so, that we ultimately curated the show to include 47 artists. Participating artists have been given the option of donating 25% of the proceeds to the New York Foundation for the Arts, or a charity of their choice; they also had the option of keeping the 25% for themselves. I am pleased to say that the included artists selected to make charitable donations.

All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go features artists from a range of backgrounds and aesthetic viewpoints. Some, such as Sarah McEneaney and John Dilg, were first featured in New American Paintings more than twenty years ago; others are current MFA candidates at the beginning of their careers. All of them have distinct practices that are deserving of attention.

All Dressed Up With Nowhere

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