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Alejandro Pasquale: New Representation

According to Alejandro Pasquale, we are what we dream of. This is the title of one of his works, and in it he compresses practically all his particular and pictorial world. In this painting and in this title we find all the questions that the difficult equation of his work seems to propose to us.

Magic as the central theme; the mask as a constant trap; play as the perfect script; nature as the absolute answer. All his work has revolved for years around these axes that he combines in different ways, producing in all cases a visual challenge to the spectator, who easily falls in love with the attraction of the perfect composition and the magnificent workmanship that each of his works offers.

But no, he can’t. The author is trapped in the dream to which he returns repeatedly, because first and foremost he is what he dreams of. What are those continuous masks? What are those exotic and healing plants doing? And that greenish blue that invades the atmosphere in all his landscapes, that constantly takes us back to Patinir? What are they playing at? And why are there always birds?

Perhaps there is that strange uneasiness that all life carries, the mystery of simple flowers and those with strange names, the impossibility of a garden imposed on us when we are pure forest and in general our bitter acceptance of having lost the paradise that, nevertheless, we feel still lives within us.


Born in Buenos Aires in 1984. He started to study fine Arts in 2002 at the National Institute of Art (IUNA). In 2004 he decided to quit and continue as a self-taught artist, reinforcing his acknowledgements with courses given by local artists. Some of these courses are “A toolbox” dictated by Eduardo Stupía (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2012 and 2013).

Alejandro Pasquale: New Representation

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