The work of Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga (b. 1991) depicts colorfully clothed figures in intimate compositions with a backdrop of hieroglyphic-like language denoting computerized or coding text. His multilayered work presents a socio-political view of the Democratic Republic of Congo, drawing on the history of the Kongo Kingdom and exploring traditional communities reconciling the break with their past and the challenges and opportunities that have risen from modernity. The artist studied Painting at the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Kinshasa.

The artistic impetus of Bambo Sibiya (b. 1986) rests on the Bantu philosophy of Ubuntu Ngabantu ("I am who I am because of who you/we are"). In his acrylic and charcoal paintings, he commemorates civilian members of the South African mining communities, depicting them in moments of leisure with a stereo, a historically important object through which people listen to and share music and stories. Sibiya trained at the Artist Proof Studio in Johannesburg, where he has worked with artists like William Kentridge, Diane Victor and Norman Catherine.

Nnenna Okore (b. 1975) is a sculptor, painter and environmentalist whose nature-inspired fiber sculptures and clay on foam-board paintings marked the inaugural exhibition at Sakhile&Me. Okore's works boast intricate textures and vibrant colors referencing organic elements such as plants, roots, or veins and explore themes of transience and transformation. Okore has received fine arts degrees from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and the University of Iowa and is currently Chair of the Art Department at North Park University in Chicago.

The work of artist and activist Adejoke Tugbiyele (b. 1977) explores LGBTQ human rights issues and her own identity as a queer woman of Nigerian descent and encompasses sculptures, paintings, drawings, videos and live performance. Accrochage features her monumental haute-couturesque mixed-media sculpture Drama, in which Tugbiyele suggests "the new African Lady: poise, elegance, intellect and physical strength." Tugbiyele has received degrees from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and the Maryland Institute College of Art.


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