A moment that trascends
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A moment that trascends

In this second solo exhibition of Peter Demetz in Lucia Mendoza art gallery, we will be featuring new works by the Italian sculptor. We include new of his well-known light boxes. These sculptures lead him to develop a new, perhaps more architectural approach.

In his new works he elaborates a new way of composing that evolves and radically transforms his intention. In the light boxes the framework is already given, the same box that welcomes them becomes a window through which to look in. Through that frame figures are observed and followed in their own world. Although Demetz incorporates empty spaces, in some cases with a touch of color, they respect a space for the viewer's imagination to collaborate in creating the world of his figures.

In the new works the figures are inside a house, a building. For him, the house itself is less important than the fact that the figures are placed in their own surroundings, affected by a protection granted by the house that is built to isolate or protect them from the outside or from the gaze of others. On the other hand, the apartments seem empty, it is difficult to define them, complicated to understand exactly how they are. They have color inside, light, and it is clear that they are not houses of classic design. But if we looked at them with an objectively critical eye we would see that they could not exist in reality, they are clearly a symbolic representation.

For Peter Demetz it is very important to maintain that concept of emptiness, undefined forms because it allows him to leave a small space for the spectator who contemplates them, it will be his imagination that dictates how the rooms of each construction should be. This makes a big difference with the light boxes because it all the space that appears in the work can not be seen but at the same time we are aware that each house has a story inside and each figure lives a life in them.

And finally there is a very different small work in the exhibition. There is no space in it, there is no real space, just a colored wall and a figure in front of it. The character is not complete, a part is missing as if it were cut.

These smaller formats are like a fragment of his work, hence his title Fragment of time. Usually his works play with the concepts of time and space. Time usually seems to be suspended or non-existent. There is no past, there is no future, the moment is open, it is timeless, it could be eternal, it is just any moment that trascends. In his works, even space cannot be touched or measured, the space inside depends fundamentally on the viewer's emotions and gaze. These smaller sculptures are a fragment of that time and that space.

A moment that trascends

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