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48 hrs

Unusual circumstances require unusual measures.

48 hrs Due the upcoming construction site of the building, the gallery will be closed for a uncertain time. Thus the gallery has a very special offer of an exhibition with artworks by all gallery artists for just 48 hrs. It is also a premiere that the gallerist himself (who is in a long term artistic sabbatical since the opening of his gallery) will show some of his works referring to the location and its history of his (meanwhile 10 years enclosed, thus hidden) "KioskShop berlin (KSb)".

48 hrs with works by Colin Ardley, Edward Buchanan, Takayuki Daikoku, Ute Essig, Katja Flint, Renate Hampke, Marc von der Hocht, Nataly Hocke, Susanne Knaack, Harald Kohlmetz, Katja Kollowa, Dittmar Krüger (Dittmar Danner aka Krüger), Michael Kutschbach, Henrik U. Müller, Susanne Pomrehn, Thomas Prochnow, Dirk Rathke, Ursula Sax, Gerda Schütte, H. N. Semjon, Gil Shachar, Karina Spechter, Klaus Steinmann, Stefan Thiel, Hitomi Uchikura, Royden Watson and Bettina Weiß.

A special offer of a 20 % discount is provided during this very short exhibition to help raise funds for the economic difficult situation: A gallery without exhibition space.

The gallery will open probably its rooms at the latest on 25 August 2019 for the exhibition openingof "Ursula Sax - Dance with the Space: The Geometric Ballet and other performative reopen projects", parallel to the premiere of the ballet 's new version in September at Radialsystem Berlin.

48 hrs

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