The Book of Knowledge was an 8 volume set of encyclopaedia published by Waverley. This set of prints appropriates images from a set published in the early 1960s and where the majority of images date from the 1950s. Waverley encyclopaedias were less well known than the Britannica but were very popular. They were sold door to door, were cheaper than other volumes and were seen as an essential educational resource for an aspiring post-war generation of parents. The Book of Knowledge was very much of its time, reflected the aspirations and prejudices of post-war Britain, empire, monarchy, parochial modernism and exoticism - a few of its traits that masked a sense of the catastrophe and ruins that haunted both its pages and the experiences of the generation that owned them.These prints engage with this content but also with the reprographic qualities of the images. Since 2014 these volumes have acted as a pretext for making work based in appropriation and re-combination. The pages have been cut from one set, scanned and digitally archived, numbering, some 3000 scans. The works made so far do not constitute a memory project as such, the interest is having a prescribed archive to access. This access offers a pretext where strategies of layering and juxtaposition of images in PhotoShop are used to explore the material. Mick FinchAll works are archival digital prints on Hahnemühle German Etching paper in editions of 20. The series began in 2014 and is on-going. The print could be ordered framed or unframed. Signed, dated, numbered on back + Artist's certificate of authenticity.

Mick Finch

Book of knowledge - planche 133

  • Medium
  • Framed
  • Year
  • Size

    23.6 × 20.1 in

    60 × 51 cm

  • Material
    Archival digital print on Hahnemühle German etching paper
  • Price
    € 500
  • Edition
    Edition of 20

Mick Finch

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