Lars Worm's artistic practice includes painting, sculpture and installation. He uses many different materials and techniques, which range from the simple and minimalist to a raw and deliberately clumsy expression. In the same way, the artistic idiom ranges from the figurative to the completely simplified and almost abstract. Despite the scope, a common thread runs through Lars Worm's production, which revolves around the narrative, the existence and dystopia. With great aesthetic presence, subtlety and humor, Lars Worm creates works that open up to the viewer and invite reflection.

Lars Worm

Among Flowers

  • Medium
  • Year
  • Size

    46.5 × 37 × 1.6 in

    118 × 94 × 4 cm

  • Material
    Acrylic on canvas, jute and pine tree
  • Price
    € 3,500
  • Edition
    This is a unique work

Lars Worm

  • Galleri Lene Bilgrav's Artworks 22