Her name is Cayetana, she is 24 years old and lives in Madrid. She is, speaking from an artistic point of view, in what she believes to be, up to now, the most important stage of her life. Her work from this stage is the culmination of a recent process of personal liberation, in which she has finally taken a step that made her feel great fear; that of dedicating full-time and giving all her energy to her passion - creating through painting. At this stage she has decided to express herself solely through the colour spectrum and the medium of watercolour, experimenting all of its possibilities. Her method of self-expression starts with improvisation; she allows the images to emerge one after the other, as if they themselves were choosing to appear. All she has to do is be present and willing to hear their call, and answer it. The emotions and reflections she has experienced this last year have made her delve into the meaning of life earlier than she expected. Each painting is an example of hours-long processes of being immersed in silence and emotional focus. Hence, you can find mixed-feelings in each painting; uncertainty, pain, a desire to escape, hope… Feelings she has experienced very intensely in the course of creating each piece. She believes the drawings of this last stage are a true reflection of her personality; in them she faces and fights against her fears and leaves testimony of a constant reflection on herself as well as on everything that surrounds her.

Cayetana Llopis

Camino y paso

  • Medium
  • Year
  • Size

    4.9 × 6.7 in

    12.4 × 17 cm

  • Material
    Water color on cotton paper. Framed with anti-glare glass
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  • Edition
    This is a unique work

Cayetana Llopis

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