Zsolt Berszán

1974 · Romania

Artist biography

Zsolt Berszán was born in 1974 in Târgu Mures, Romania. He graduated from the Cluj-Napoca University of Art and Design, Romania.

Zsolt Berszán is concerned in the framework of his artistic projects for the development of large installation appealing from the intrusion of science and technology. Black silicon becomes a leitmotif of his work. It is known that modern science sees the life system silicon-based an alternative of the life system based on carbon. Silicium is the second element of the Earth’s crust after oxygen, which is less reactive than carbon. Silicium is a constituent of silicon. Silicone is a mixed polymer organic – inorganic that has in its composition, oxygen, carbon and hydrogen. Using black silicone reminds the “black” problematic from the modern and contemporary art history – Malevich, Richter, Rauschenberg and Rothko.

Berszán depicts in his works the primary turmoil where the violence of the unbinding has created the substance and existence. It is the moment when conscious and unconscious doesn't exist, when the ideas of human and animal haven’t appeared yet, where, “I” and the “other” are not yet separated. Berszán tries to bring forward the moment of the brutal unbinding between “I” and the “others”, “abjection” being in Kristeva’s perception a “precondition of narcissism”. It is about a disturbance of the system, of order, a violation of limits that draws attention to “fragility of life”. The confrontation with the materiality of Berszán’s works refers to the idea of beginning, but at the same time end, death. The organic structure of the materials radiates a sensation of the oddity, mystery exploring the struggle of the primary scene, the moment when appears the awareness of real existence and rejection of death. It is the struggle of the individual against his own dissolution.

Zsolt Berszán is represented by Anaid Art Gallery since 2010.

Zsolt Berszán

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