Zhé Wang

1988 · China

Artist biography

Born 1988 Jiangsu, China Lives and works in Berlin.

Zhé Wang has majored in Fine Arts at Sichuan Institute of Fine Arts in Chongqing, China. After her bachelor’s degree in 2011, she has moved to Germany where she received her Diploma Degree and a Meisterschülerin nomination at University of the Arts Bremen with Prof. Rosa Barba from 2013 to 2018. She has exhibited internationally including Germany, Finland, and China, and was awarded with the "Karin Hollweg Preis 2018". In her artistic practice, Zhé often works with various explorations and experimentations of her exhibition setups through a wide array of media; that includes photography, drawing, sound, video, and multimedia installations.

Her earlier paintings are colourful depictions of monsters – some more playful, others more ominous in nature. Using these themes as reoccurring subjects in many of her works across different media, Zhé is fascinated by the notion of something that is frightening on the surface, yet something that also carries the potential of becoming familiar once one engages with it – much like the experience of uprooting oneself and settling into a foreign country. Another theme with a strong presence in Zhé’s work is the changing social relations of the post-industrial era where she focuses on the ways in which people live, work and communicate. In "#TTM" (talk to me) she explores “netspeak”, an emerging means of communication among younger generations while in "my working parents," she addresses the relationship between individuals and community, need and desire, and coercion and freedom. Through the artist’s personal experience and through her work, Zhé reflects on the many intercultural links between the West and the East and her own oscillating perspectives on the world. In her recent work "Watch Me", she examines the rising surveillance mechanisms that we, as users of the Internet and social media, take on voluntarily. The resulting uncertainties, the increasing transparency of citizens, lead to a change of roles from the observer to the observed and a diffuse feeling of lack of freedom.

Zhé Wang

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