Yu Guo

1983 · China

Artist biography

Born 1983 in Tongjiang, Sichuan Province, Yu Guo graduated from No.1 studio of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, China in 2006. Currently lives in Chongqing, China

Yu Guo is fond of using concise content to depict obscure environments. The subject of each painting is clear, with few elements, and the works appear both extremely silent and bursting with concealed currents. While one can quickly recognize the structure of the works, they can’t help to observe every detail and begin to consciously edit out strange circumstances. Yu’s use of colors is also bright, and the contrasty riotous colors and quiet images create a striking contrast, making the paintings transparent but also opaque. This opacity is not in the visuals or mood. It stems from the perceptual experience of their obscure settings, accompanied by the quiet and mystery that could be broken at any moment. This control over the composition may stem from Yu Guo’s unawareness of his nature, or the discordant effect that he creates by design or accident. This immediate sense of different layers is the first impression we receive upon viewing his paintings.

Yu Guo

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