Yang Shu

1965 · China

Artist biography

Yang Shu, born in 1965 in Chongqing, graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, oil painting department with a master‘s degree in 1988. Then he worked as a professor in theinstitute. He spent one year doing research in Amsterdam Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Netherland 1995. His inherent sculpt talent and steady academic sketch helped him to form the deep cognition of abstract structure and color from the perspective of classical aesthetics. Since 1990s, Yang Shu’s work has been gradually transformed from the non-figurative art that influenced by the expressionism to the present visual creation with the unique “Yang Shu” glamour. His work not only sheds lights on the changes of the physical world, but also integrates the critical spirit and the aesthetic creation; it transforms the structural damage into the composite-materials reconstruction, and condenses the cold yet fully poetic explosive- force.

The paintings from Yang Shu’s latest work are milder and more approachable. The color of the work has now evolved from the strong contrast appeared in the past to the sense of halo, the brush stroke has also become more and more delicate and complex, and the painting traces with different lengths constitute the overall rhythm and emotions. These works still remain the mysterious silence, and the critique spirit that has always been remained in Yang Shu’s old work seems to sublimate into a type of love and warm, yet still steady. These changes are from Yang Shu’s in-depth exploration of color and the structure of brush strokes, as well as his original creation of inspiration.

In 1989, he has attended “Chinese Avant garde Art Exhibition”, which was hosted by The National Art Museum of China. His works have also been presented in many public institutions including Shanghai Art Museum, Guang dong Museum, Zhang jiang Museum of Contemporary Art, etc., presented in many galleries in China, Europe,Australia and North America, and also been collected by many art institution sand private collectors. In the meanwhile, as an arts patron and curator, in 2006, together with Ni Kun, Yang Shu founded the famous non-profit institution Organ·haus, which has become the most dynamic and international contemporary art field in Southwest China.

Yang Shu

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