Wendell Gladstone

1972 · United States

Artist biography

Bringing his work to life through the melding of ancient to contemporary images ranging from ritual to rapture, American artist Wendell Gladstone has risen the artistic ranks to be considered an essential voice in contemporary art.

Often using his compositional space as an area of exploration, Gladstone conjures figural scenes that are often staged in fantastical or imagined venues. He pulls in metaphors and motifs borrowed from all eras of art and history, resulting in the creation of an unusual meeting ground of past, present, and future in each composition he renders. Amplifying these tensions with powerful color pairings and subtle accents, Gladstone tantalizes the viewer in each work.

Born in Boston in 1972, Gladstone achieved his BA at Brown University and subsequently completed an MFA in Painting at Claremont Graduate University. In addition to the profile of his work in leading publications, such as ARTFORUM, he has enjoyed the showcase of his work in a remarkable number of exhibitions at prestigious venues from Kravets/Wehby in New York to the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art.

Wendell Gladstone

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