Verónica Vicente

1988 · Spain

Artist biography

Veronica Vicente builds and performs actions that she places in carefully chosen scenarios that she then photographs and films. Her aim is to place the body –which she shows vulnerable and turned into an almost sculptural object– at the centre of her reflection on human fragility and his eternal existential search.

Her photographs and videos have an outstanding performative and sculptural component and in them the artist confronts her own body or objects related to her memory to hostile urban landscapes, luxurious interiors or metaphorical landscapes, always photographed with impeccable care. Veronica seeks her place in every space, that is why the selection of architectural and natural environments is not left to chance but is the result of a meticulous search, an extraordinary interest in the image composition and the use of colour as a symbolic element.

She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo, with Masters in Photography and Contemporary Museology and Criticism. Her work is already part of collections such as those of the Centre d'Art La Panera, Museo Nacional de Escultura de Valladolid or Fundação Bienal de Arte de Cerveira and has been seen in numerous curated projects, mostly in Galicia, Catalonia, Portugal and Madrid, but also in South America or Central Europe.

Verónica Vicente

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