Veronica Montanino

1973 · Italy

Artist biography

Veronica Montanino was born in Rome (1973). She has exhibited since 2000. Her works, characterized by an exuberant and very original use of color, appear in numerous solo and group exhibitions. Always ready to abandon the narrow space of the canvas, she creates dozens of site-specific installations, in historic buildings, such as the Capitani's in Ascoli Piceno (2006). In 2010 for the Café in Palazzo Collicola she intervenes on furniture, ceiling and perimeter walls, creating a room that becomes a part of the permanent collection of the Carandente Museum.

Other permanent interventions are carried out by the artist for the House of Architecture in Rome, formerly the Roman Aquarium (2013) and for the MARCA Museum of the Arts in Catanzaro (2018). In 2011 she took part in the 54th International Exhibition of Art in Venice, at the Italian Pavilion at the Arsenale. In 2016 the MARCA, Museo delle Arti of Catanzaro dedicates a personal exhibition to her entitled 'It’s a wonderful world with over sixty works including large-format paintings, assemblages and site-specific installations'.

Veronica Montanino

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