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Valentina Eyzaguirre was born in Santiago, Chile in 1982. Throughout her life she has always been attracted to fine art practice and to photograhic images. Having grown up in a developing capital city, Valentina has been interested in the rapid change of the physical and psychological landscape of the city and its people, being that interest her motivation for making photographs able to represent her context.

She was drawn to the walls of the city loaded with layers of ripped posters and peeling paint. Valentina photographed small fragments of those surfaces to establish a relation between photography and painting. Work that she produced while studying Fine Arts at university.

After completing her degree, Valentina migrated to Barcelona, Spain in 2008. Where she explored other mediums of the visual arts, worked in different creative fields and took a master's degree in Art Direction. But she was always connected with her photographic practice.

Years later, Valentina moved to London, England in 2012. Was in London where she fully reconnected with her art. She found walls again. This time not the street walls but the inside ones. Valentina has been making wallpaper decollages. Layers of wallpaper glued with wheatpaste and then torn off.

The wall is a central component in her artworks. She is interested in the idea of construction from destruction; and in the regularity and repetition of a pattern. She has been investigating the concepts of the Nouveau Réalisme and Neo-Dada, in response to the spontaneous and gestural painting of the abstract expressionists.

She has exhibited internationally in collective shows. Recently, she has been selected to participate in The Other Art Fair, London in July 2019.

​Valentina lives and works in London, and she is a resident artist at Kew Studio.

Valentina Eyzaguirre

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