Artist biography

Unknown is a modern visual artist, who was born in Spain, like other famous artists such as Paula Leu, Manolo Valdés, Jordi Colomer, Juan Francisco Casas, and Anna Talens.

Unknown's exhibition

Unknown most recent exhibition recorded on Artland was at Chart Art Fair in Copenhagen (29 August 2019 until 21 March 2020) with the exhibition Matters - Rethinking Materials.

Unknown in private collections

There are two collectors in possession of works by Unknown at Artland. These collectors include Delta-Sleep and Larry Velez, who also has works by other artists including Choi Jun Kun, Liam Fallon, and Farhad Farzali.

Historical Context of Spain

Spain has played a crucial role in the maturation of art in the twentieth century. In the early 1900s, a young Pablo Picasso established a uniquely expressive approach to figuration in the post-Impressionist era, firstly with his Blue then Rose periods, although he was to settle in Paris in 1904. Picasso was also the key founding member of the Cubist movement, a group in which he was joined by fellow Spaniard Juan Gris. Both Salvador Dali and Joan Miro were prominent figures in the Surrealist movement, though they were also domiciled in France for large parts of their careers. During the twentieth century the political and cultural landscape of Spain was ruled by the totalitarian autocracy of General Franco whose dictatorship ruled the country, in one form or another, from 1939 until 1975, at which time the monarchy was restored to Juan-Carlos I who subsequently implemented considerable reform. The Franco regime was distinguished by its brutal anti-communist stance, and the departure of leading intellectual and cultural figures that elected not to live under an oppressive regime. The cultural life of the avant-garde suffered greatly, since liberal artistic movements are often known for their leftist leanings. Key modern and contemporary Spanish artists include Antoni Tapíes, Eduardo Chillida, Eduardo Arroyo, and Manolo Valdes.


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