Turi Simeti

1929 · Italy

Artist biography

Italian master Turi Simeti was a crucial figure in the twentieth-century exploration of Minimalism. Fascinated by the role of color and its manipulations through light and shadows, Simeti developed a novel compositional style centered in saturated planes of color manipulated by the shaped canvas on which that color was placed.

The result of this manipulated surface is a remarkable play of both color and dimension, as the viewer of these works must contemplate whether what is viewed is reality or illusion. By pulling the viewer so deeply into the work, Simeti encourages a profound consideration of the Minimalist aesthetic overall and the power of such pure elements to evoke such intense reactions.

Born in Alcamo, Italy, in 1929, Simeti garnered his most formative artistic training after entered the studio of Alberto Burrin in Rome in 1958. While there, Simeti discovered his fascination with color and light and began to refine his Minimalist style into that which gained him such acclaim over the years. Later Simeti became aligned with the avant-garde Italian art collective known as “Group Zero” and joined forces with other leading Minimalists of his day. From his influential work in the exhibition “Zero Avantgarde” in 1965 to a bevy of solo international exhibitions, it is clear that Simeti developed a worldwide following for his innovative approach. Examples of his work can be found in the permanent collections of major international museums, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Turi Simeti

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