Trine Boesen

1972 · Denmark

Artist biography

Trine Boesen was born in 1972 and lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark. Recent group exhibitions include ‘Forever Young Land’, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China, ‘Ultra New Vision of Contemporary Art’, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore, and ‘Girlpower & Boyhood’, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, and Kunsthallen Brandts, Odense, Denmark (2006). Recent solo exhibitions include ‘Solitude Standing in the Urban Jungle’, Fieback & Minninger Gallery, Cologne, Germany (2004), ‘Hej Society’, Aarhus Art Building, Aarhus, Denmark (2005), and ‘Miss Blacky White and the Anthills’, MOGADISHNI, Copenhagen, Denmark (2006).

Trine Boesen’s paintings, drawings and collages plunder freely from the image bank of everyday modern life – be it from images found on the internet, from adverts, magazines and books, or drawn from her own personal snapshots of friends, buildings, social occasions, holidays and other things.

Objects from the natural and man-made worlds are combined to create magical mental landscapes, with individual elements rubbing up against each other with no regard for received understanding of notions of scale or the ‘natural’ order of things, with the appropriateness of the relationship between them determined by the artist herself.

Initially beautiful to look at, Boesen seduces the viewer deep into the enchanted landscapes she has created. However, once submerged within her work, we become disorientated by the frenzied order of the signs and symbols contained within; their surface melancholy and romanticism giving way to the ambiguous, fragmented and surreal. The pluralistic existence of seemingly disparate objects and the various styles of their rendering within the same work create psychedelic and out of control scenarios that trigger an instinct to seek escape from their chaos.

It is the dualities of life and the world we live in that Boesen seeks to highlight. Taken individually, everything she depicts is ‘real’, it is just the configurations she employs that may disrupt our own personal reading of the world and the order we expect it to follow. This is the world as she sees it, in her own words she has ‘just turned up the volume’.

Trine Boesen

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