Tracy Stuckey

1977 · United States

Artist biography

American painter uses his art as a means of exploring the myriad references and endless idiosyncrasies of modern existence. Choosing motifs that are times universal and at other strikingly obscure, Stuckey embraces the blending or mixing of metaphors and concepts in an overall exercise of contemplation and introspection. Enhancing the appeal of Stuckey’s work is the overall meticulous nature of its rendering, resulting in a space wherein the viewer loses track of the bounds of reality and fantasy.

Born in Indiana in 1997, Stuckey earned a BFA from Florida State University in 2001 and subsequently completed studies for an MFA at the University of New Mexico in 2005. Today he is based in Colorado. He has been lauded with notable awards, such as his appointment as artist-in-residence at the Center for Land Use Interpretation in 2009 in Wendover, Utah, and his work has also been featured in numerous exhibitions. Solo showcases of his art include: “Suburban Cowboy” at Visions West Gallery (Denver, 2015); “Stranger in These Parts: New Paintings by Tracy Stuckey” at the NAU Art Museum (Flagstaff, 2017); and “Tracy Stuckey: Works on Paper” at Schmidt Dean Gallery (New Jersey, 2019).

Tracy Stuckey

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